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Artist Sells Prints of Other People’s Instagram Pictures for $90,000

How would you feel about a thirsty old man ripping pics from your Instagram account and selling them for $100,000 apiece?

Richard Prince, the American-artist-in-question, has filled the Gagosian Gallery in New York with 38 portraits, 65 by 48 inches each, of persons he found sifting through Instagram. A good majority of the pics in his series, titled “New Portraits,” are of young females in suggestive poses.

Meet the Budget Guru Who Bought Two Homes By the Age of 27

How would you like to own two homes by the age of 27? How about making $100,000 a year and having enough capital to invest in your own business?

For most of us, if we’re being honest here, that kind of talk isn’t anything more than a pipe dream; we wouldn’t even know where to start pursuing such a fantasy. Fortunately, however, there’s someone who does know because he’s done it himself.

Wendy’s Plans to Open in India With Beefless Burgers

Among the great Indian dishes today are chicken tikka, vegetable paneer and … veggie burgers from Wendy’s? The American fast food giant has decided to make a lucrative move to the East, selling its square patties to the throngs of Indians hungry for a quick bite.

In five years’ time, the fast food company plans to open 50 Wendy’s across India’s major cities, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

How a Man With a Passion to Stop Hunger Revolutionized How We Eat Ramen

If you visited Google today, you might have noticed the mighty search engine’s new  Doodle honoring what would have been the 105th birthday of Momofuku Ando, the inventor of Cup Noodles.

For most of us — if we’re being honest here — life without top ramen would have been unmanageable. It began in childhood for me, when I would eagerly wait for my dad to return home on Fridays, tired after work, requesting that I make him a hot bowl of noodles. (I knew that meant kung fu movies later, too.) I’d scurry out our family room, across the hall and into the kitchen, having absorbed the three steps of instant noodle-making as if they had belonged in the Ten Commandments: