Ali Wong reveals her mother’s initial reaction to her divorce: ‘Can you just wait until I die?’

Ali Wong reveals her mother’s initial reaction to her divorce: ‘Can you just wait until I die?’
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Iris Jung
March 3, 2023
Ali Wong has spoken up about her “unconventional divorce” with ex-husband Justin Hakuta.
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Wednesday, Wong shared details about her divorce from entrepreneur Hakuta in April 2022. 
“The hardest part about getting divorced was my mother’s reaction,” Wong confessed. “She looked me in the eye and asked, ‘Can you just wait until I die?’ She was literally asking me to not live a life for myself.”
However, despite the initial shock of the divorce at the time, Wong and Hakuta continue to thrive as not only co-parents, but also as friends. 
“We’re really, really close; we’re best friends,” Wong said. “We’ve been through so much together. It’s a very unconventional divorce.”
Suggesting “Single Lady Tour” as the title for her upcoming tour, Wong also shared how her new single life has redefined her priorities. 
“The goal is not to have an incredible career. The goal is to have an incredible life,” the comedian stated. 
From enjoying the road with her children to performing intimate sets in theaters rather than arenas, Wong shared how tours have become her way to create an ideal work-life balance. 

Taking kids on the road is so beautiful. It’s the opposite of film and television where I’m just gone all day. It’s a really fun family adventure because basically at night I’m performing, and then during the day, we go on adventures to the children’s museum or the gardens or we see family friends. It’s really cool that they’ve seen so much of America.

Fans can look forward to Wong in Netflix’s “Beef,” also starring Steven Yeun, on April 6.
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