Ali Wong Basically Made ‘Always Be My Maybe’ to Kiss Daniel Dae Kim and Keanu Reeves

Ali Wong Basically Made ‘Always Be My Maybe’ to Kiss Daniel Dae Kim and Keanu Reeves

May 29, 2019
Ali Wong apparently experienced pure bliss on the set of her upcoming Netflix romantic-comedy movie “Always Be My Maybe” when she kissed one of the ultimate Asian hunks in Hollywood, Daniel Dae Kim.
While speaking to Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show” on Tuesday, the 37-year-old actress jokingly said that she had experienced the purest joy when she kissed Kim on the set of “Always Be My Maybe,” and added that she basically made the film just to kiss him and Keanu Reeves.
I kiss a lot of men,” she said. “It’s like, who wrote this movie, right? I kiss a lot of sexy men. I kiss Daniel Dae Kim. I kiss Keanu Reeves. I basically made Netflix spend all this money on a movie just so I could kiss Daniel Dae Kim and Keanu Reeves.”
Then, as “The Ellen Show” puts on several pictures taken from the set, specifically the one where it shows Wong’s face, she jokingly said that what she showed there was “pure joy.”
What you see on my face, that is a grown woman experiencing joy,” she told the 61-year-old host.
She also commented on how it was sweet that Reeves agreed to be part of the movie, but went back to her kiss with Kim and how he improvised the lifting part in the scene.
She was then asked if she was able to establish chemistry with both actors, to which she replied, “I’ve been with the same dude for 10 years. I would have chemistry with a turtle at this point.”
“Always Be My Maybe” follows the story of celebrity chef Sasha Tran (Wong) as she goes back to San Francisco from Los Angeles to open a new restaurant. She then encounters her long-estranged high school friend Marcus (played by Randall Park), who she had lost her virginity to.
She faces a lot of obstacles along the way including her pretentious fiancé played by Kim.
“Always Be My Maybe” hits Netflix on Wednesday.
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