Actor Charlyne Yi alleges abuse on set of Apple TV+ series ‘Time Bandits’

Actor Charlyne Yi alleges abuse on set of Apple TV+ series ‘Time Bandits’Actor Charlyne Yi alleges abuse on set of Apple TV+ series ‘Time Bandits’
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Actor and comedian Charlyne Yi alleges she experienced physical assault by a male scene partner during filming of the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Time Bandits.”
Key points:
  • Yi first made allegations via Instagram on May 7, claiming that they were physically assaulted “multiple times” by an actor and psychologically abused, causing severe back pain and post-traumatic stress. 
  • Yi, who says they was coerced to quit the show, expanded on the alleged sexual harassment in a second Instagram post, describing how they were treated “inhumanely.” 
  • A source from the set of “Time Bandits” disputed Yi’s claims, suggesting the incident involved a minor physical interaction during a scene.
The details:
  • According to Yi, the actor repeatedly pressed his body against their back during rehearsals and filming, causing injury to their lower back. Despite their attempts to shove him off, the abuser intensified the pressure. Yi described going into shock, disassociating and experiencing chronic pain that led them to throw up in the bathroom. The on-set doctor provided codeine, which Yi said only numbed the pain but did not address the injury.
  • The alleged abuser’s actions continued, including an incident where he left a jar of honey in Yi’s hair and makeup trailer as a manipulative gesture to control his public image. He allegedly taunted Yi by laughing and making comments about their reporting him to HR. 
  • “I was stonewalled, told to be grateful for being on a high production set by a producer, told my back would be fine, minimizing the physical assaults,” Yi wrote. “I told them I was scared, could barely stand upright without being in chronic pain, and mentally was not doing well, shaking in panic attacks, unable to make it on set, vomiting, unable to sleep because of flashbacks, and losing hair.”
  • “A high production job, meaning big money and power that can dispose of you and sweep you under the rug, treating you inhumanely, proving their deep lack of humanity. Prioritizing people’s careers and a fictional world than protecting those most marginalized and targeted,” they added. 
  • Yi claims that their complaints were reportedly met with gaslighting by colleagues, producers and HR, who told them to leave the show with “integrity.” They also alleged that they were denied workers compensation for their back injury and PTSD.
The investigation and disputes: 
  • Yi’s allegations have led to a full investigation by Paramount Television Studios. In a statement, the company said, “The safety of our cast and crew is very important to us, and we take all concerns that are raised to us very seriously. At the time of the complaint, Paramount Television Studios conducted a full investigation regarding allegations that were brought to our attention. While all investigations are confidential and we cannot comment on specifics, additional steps were taken to address concerns.”
  • A source close to the “Time Bandits” production disputed Yi’s claim that their request for workers’ compensation was denied, stating that the studio helped Yi receive payment from the third-party workers’ compensation provider and that Yi is actively working with that party for additional compensation.
  • The source also confirmed that Yi left the show before it wrapped but disputed claims of coercion. After an investigation could not substantiate Yi’s allegations, Yi was reportedly given the choice to continue working or leave without contract enforcement. Yi chose to leave but was still paid for all episodes they were originally set to appear in.
  • “Time Bandits” was filmed in New Zealand and completed in January 2023. According to the source, the incident between Yi and their castmate occurred over 18 months ago, before mid-November 2022.
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