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OnlyFans creator Titus Low arrested for ‘transmitting images and videos of his private parts’ in Singapore

Titus Low

OnlyFans content creator Titus Low Kaide was arrested in Singapore on Dec. 30 for “transmitting obscene materials,” causing fear among other creators based in the Southeast Asian country.

Low, 22, was charged on two counts after Singaporean police received reports that he “transmitted images and videos of his private parts.”

Meat Brand Found at Costco Sparks Anger After Using Asian Woman’s Image on Packaging

Meat District

Social media users are condemning the use of a silhouette of an Asian woman on a meat product sold at stores across the United States. 

With its suggestive name “Meat District,” the line of burger products from food manufacturing company Golden West Food Group is being criticized for perpetuating racial stereotypes in the branding of one of its labels. 

Tina Fey Gets Called Out for Fetishizing the Abuse of Asian Women in ‘Mean Girls’

tina fey

After acknowledging the blackface used in multiple episodes of “30 Rock,” Tina Fey is being called out for her past shows and movies that were offensive toward the Asian community as well. 

Sitcom caused pain: The 50-year-old comedy writer/actress, who created and starred in “30 Rock,” recently asked to pull out four episodes of the show from syndication.