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Instagram bans ex-Big Bang member Seungri’s account after guilty court verdict on sex crimes

Seungri Instagram
  • Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, was reportedly banned from Instagram on Monday following his sex crime conviction and prison sentencing on May 26.
  • The former Big Bang member, who had over 8 million Instagram followers before the removal, was one of the most prominent names involved in 2019’s Burning Sun nightclub scandal.
  • Seungri pleaded guilty to nine charges in January, including embezzlement, prostitution mediation and purchase of prostitution services.
  • His acknowledgment resulted in him receiving a reduced jail sentence of 18 months instead of three years.

Instagram has reportedly removed Seungri’s account after he was convicted of sex crimes for his involvement in the infamous Burning Sun scandal.

The removal came after Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, was given an 18-month prison sentence following a court ruling on May 26. Seungri, a former member of the K-pop boy group Big Bang, tried to appeal his sentencing, but the Supreme Court rejected his request.

Former Big Bang member Seungri will serve entire 18-month jail sentence after appeal rejection

  • South Korea’s Supreme Court ruled today that former BigBang member Seungri will serve his entire 18-month jail sentence.
  • Seungri’s was originally found guilty in August 2021 of nine charges including embezzlement and prostitution mediation among others. He was originally sentenced to three years in jail.
  • The sentence was reduced to half during an appeal hearing in January where he pled guilty to all charges.
  • Seungri was one of the most prominent names involved in the Burning Sun nightclub scandal in 2019 that saw many in the entertainment industry accused of alleged crimes of rape, spycam usage, prostitution trafficking and embezzlement.

The South Korean Supreme Court rejected former Big Bang member Seungri’s lighter sentence appeal today, ruling he will serve the entirety of his 18-month jail sentence. 

In August 2021, Seungri’s original trial found him guilty of nine charges including embezzlement and prostitution mediation with a sentence of three years in prison and an order to pay a fine of 1.15 billion Korean won (approximately $912,780). 

Disgraced K-pop star Seungri admits guilt, gets 3-year jail sentence halved

  • Former K-pop star Seungri, who rose to fame as a member of Big Bang, is facing nine charges related to prostitution, drug trafficking and police corruption.
  • After pleading guilty to just one charge last August, he admitted to all charges in an appeal hearing on Thursday.
  • His original three-year jail sentence was reduced to one year and six months.

Former K-pop idol and Big Bang member Seungri will serve a reduced jail sentence after pleading guilty to all charges after previously denying all but one.

Seungri, who faces a total of nine charges following the Burning Sun scandal, appeared for his appeal trial on Thursday and reportedly expressed remorse for his actions.

Former Kpop star Seungri receives 3-year jail sentence, Twitter reacts

Former Big Bang member Seungri sentenced to three years in jail

Former K-pop idol and Big Bang member Seungri received a three-year jail sentence after being charged in 2019 for procuring prostitutes for businessmen, but his fans are still fighting for him.

Conviction: Seungri, 30, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, was convicted by the General Military Court of the Ground Operations Command in Yongin on the charges of mediating prostitution and illegal gambling, according to Nate via All Kpop.

Another Korean Singer Admits to Filming Sex With Women Without Consent in Seungri Scandal

Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young, a singer linked in a giant legal controversy involving BIGBANG’s Seungri, has quit the entertainment industry after admitting his guilt on Wednesday.

In his letter of apology released by his management, MAKEUS Entertainment, the 30-year-old admitted that he had filmed himself having sex with women without their consent, subsequently sharing the videos in a chatroom.

K-Pop Star Seungri Retires After Being Charged With Running Prostitution Ring

K-pop superstar Seungri announced his retirement from the industry — and consequently his part in legendary boy group BIGBANG — amid allegations that he supplied prostitutes to rich foreigners investing in his business in 2015.

The 28-year-old entrepreneur, who is scheduled to begin his mandatory military service on March 25, is also accused of allowing drug use at Burning Sun, the nightclub where he had been executive director, and bribery of police by club officials.

‘Cyber Hell’: Everything you should know about Korea’s infamous Nth chatroom case before Netflix doc release

  • On Wednesday, Netflix released its trailer for the documentary “Cyber Hell,” which relays the details of South Korea’s Nth Room case in which at least 74 women were coerced into documenting gruesome sexual acts for profit.
  • The overwhelming number of men involved, approximately 25,000 users in 30 chat rooms linked to this specific case alone, also garnered public outrage.
  • Since 2018, a user by the name “Baksa,” meaning “Doctor,” lured in young women looking for work by offering them large payments for body photos.
  • After getting their personal information, he blackmailed them, forcing them to film themselves doing grotesque acts that he would then sell on his “Nth” chat rooms, which had entrance fees ranging from 250,000 won ($200) to 1.55 million won ($1,200).
  • The ring leader was eventually revealed to be Cho Ju-bin, a then-24-year-old former editor of his college newspaper, who thanked people for “stopping [his] life as a devil” following his arrest.

Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence that some readers may find disturbing.

On Wednesday, Netflix released its trailer for the Korean documentary “Cyber Hell,” which relays the details of South Korea’s Nth Room case in which dozens of women were coerced into recording gruesome sexual acts to be sold for profit. 

‘Kings of K-pop’ Big Bang announces comeback after four-year hiatus as member T.O.P leaves YG

  • Big Bang, the K-pop boy band dubbed the “Kings of K-pop,” announced their long-awaited comeback this spring – following their last release in 2018 – with a new single.
  • YG Entertainment also announced that its contract with member T.O.P would end; however, he will still “participate” in Big Bang’s activities.

YG Entertainment released a statement announcing the long-awaited comeback of Korean boy band Big Bang as well as the end of member T.O.P’s contract with the agency.

“Big Bang is scheduled to release a new song this spring. They have finished recording and are currently preparing to shoot their music video,” YG Entertainment announced on Monday, according to Soompi.