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Over 1,000 Chinese High School Grads Have to Wear Bikinis to Become Flight Attendants

Being a flight attendant in China can be a pretty big deal, but aside from the military grade skillset, young ladies hoping to work with airlines must also have their bodies and beauty judged in what is known to be an extremely competitive field of work.

Chinese modeling agency Oriental Beauty, along with recruiters from the aviation and modeling industries, hosted a competition to recruit the most beautiful flight attendants in Qingdao, China this past weekend.

Chinese Airline Employees Caught Bullying Flight Attendants in Odd Hazing Ritual

A Chinese airline based in Kunming, Yunnan province, allegedly requires air hostesses go through “intensive training” that involves stuffing them into overhead cabins.

Kunming Airlines released a statement of apology after pictures of air hostesses compacted into the overhead carry-on compartments surfaced on Chinese messaging platform WeChat.

Flight Attendants Go Through Military Training to Control Crazy Chinese Passengers

If for any reason you get into a fight in China, you’ll probably want a Chinese flight attendant on your side because, odds are, they know some pretty sweet fighting moves.

Some Chinese flight attendants actually go to an airline college that trains them not only in airline service and etiquette, but also survival and hand-to-hand combat skills so that they’ll be able to subdue unruly passengers, because, if we know anything, Chinese people on planes can be the craziest kinds of passengers.

American Airlines Kicks Chinese Music Student Off Flight, Says to Buy 1st Class Ticket to Get Home

A DePaul University School of Music student from Shanghai, China was kicked off of an American Airlines flight out of Miami after she checked in online for both herself and her cello.

Jay Tang said his wife Jingjing Hu was sitting in her seat on the American Airlines flight 2457 from Miami International Airport to Chicago, where the couple lives, when flight attendants told the woman she would not be allowed to fly because “the aircraft is too small for the cello.”

Here’s the Hack That Got This Man a $10,000 First Class Flight For Just $130

Sam Huang an is a Travel Blogger who made headlines back in October for discovering a loophole that let him snag an epic $60,000 first class flight for $300. He regularly documents his experiences on his website

Well folks, he’s at it again! This time, he shows us a cool trick he used to get a $10,000 first class ticket from Cathay Pacific for $130 plus a $75 late booking fee. This trick involves applying for a specific credit card.

Chinese Tourist Puts Bare Feet on Fellow Passenger’s Armrest, Zero F*cks Given

A Chinese woman claims she had to suffer through a 4-hour flight with another passenger’s bare feet propped up on her armrest.

Ms. Wu said a Chinese woman seated behind her on a Nov. 29 AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Xi’an put her feet up on her chair after boarding and was not told to cease by the plane’s staff even after she complained, reports the People’s Daily Online.

Here’s How This Airline Company Determines if Flight Attendants are Too Fat to Fly

Flight attendants too fat to fly? Ridiculous as that may sound, Chinese Qingdao Airlines has a strict weight requirement policy that flight attendants must meet to ensure “flight safety.”

The company even has a color-coded chart purportedly used as a weight guideline, according to The Nanfang. The chart, which looks to be a standard metric BMI index, dictates the optimal weight flight attendants should maintain according to their height. The green zone of the chart grants flight attendants permission to fly while those whose weight fall into the yellow zone are grounded from flying. If a flight attendant’s weight slips into the red zone they are immediately dismissed from their jobs.