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Nearly 300 Korean adoptees demand S. Korea investigate falsified adoption documents

300 adoptees file complaint
  • Nearly 300 Korean adoptees have called for the South Korean government to investigate falsified adoption documents that mask their real identities.
  • The 283 complaints that were filed have pointed out lost or distorted information.
  • Some adoptees found that their identities were switched with other children who had died, were too sick to travel or were taken back by their birth families.
  • Many adoptees expressed frustration at the lack of information on their adoption papers, which often turn out to be falsified or distorted.

Nearly 300 Korean adoptees in Europe and the United States have filed applications demanding that the South Korean government investigate the circumstances of their adoptions.

Many of the adoptees suspect that their adoption papers contained falsified or distorted information to launder their real identities. During the 1980s, many Korean children were taken from their families during the foreign adoption boom.

Hyun Sook Han, adoption trailblazer who helped connect Korean adoptees and families, dies at 83

Remebering Hyun Sook Han

A Korean social worker who dedicated her life to helping build families through international adoption has died at 83.

What happened: Hyun Sook Han, affectionately known by friends and family as Mrs. Han, passed away from kidney cancer in her home in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Nov. 5, according to The New York Times. Her funeral was attended by a crowd of adoptees and parents whom she helped during her service to her community.

Netherlands Stops Adoptions from South Asian Countries After 30 Years of Abuses Revealed

international adoptions

The Netherlands has suspended all international adoptions after a government investigation uncovered over three decades of abuses, including coercing or paying foreign mothers to give up their children.

The investigation started after an increasing number of adoptees looked into their family history and later discovered their birth documents were either forged or lost, or their adoption was illegal, according to Aljazeera.

British Sikh Couple Told By Adoption Service That They Cannot Adopt a White Child


A British-born Sikh couple who were denied to adopt a White child due to their Indian heritage has taken the local Royal Borough council and its adoption service to court. 

Sandeep and Reena Mander have alleged that their local Berkshire adoption service told them that their application to join the register of approved adopters would be rejected due to their “Indian background.” They were also told that they might have better luck looking to adopt a child from India.

A Chinese woman was told her son was dead. She’s now being sued by his ‘adoptive parents’

  • Zhang Caihong, a mother from China’s Jiangsu province who has found her stolen long-lost son, is now being sued by his “adoptive” parents.
  • Around 17 years ago, Zhang was reportedly informed by her cousin’s sister-in-law that her newborn son had frozen to death.
  • Almost two decades later, Zhang reportedly learned by accident that her son never died. She started looking for her child, now a secondary school student, and was ultimately successful.
  • Zhang found out that her cousin’s wife’s sister became her son’s “adoptive” mother.
  • Although Zhang and her son have decided that they want to reunite, live together and start over as a family, the boy’s “adoptive” mother and her husband have reportedly filed a lawsuit against Zhang.
  • According to reports, the “adoptive” parents want Zhang to pay them back for raising her son.

A Chinese woman who has found her stolen long-lost son is now being sued by his “adoptive” parents.

Around 17 years ago, Zhang Caihong, a mother from China’s Jiangsu province, went to her cousin’s house while still pregnant with her son. At the time, she was reportedly afraid of being hurt by her ex-husband and his family.

Woman sparks outrage in China after throwing puppy out fourth-floor window during fight

dog thrown
  • In a viral video circulating on Chinese social media, a woman pushes a Labrador retriever out of a window from her fourth-floor apartment window during an argument with her husband.
  • The dog was injured after landing on a car below. It has since recovered from its injuries, according to reports.
  • The car owner, identified as Yang, told the couple to take their wounded dog to the vet. He also decided to bring them adoption paperwork for the dog.
  • The incident has sparked national outrage in China, with many Weibo users condemning the couple’s behavior.
  • Although China has a law that protects wild animals, the country has no national law that prohibits the abuse of other animals, including pets.

A woman in Beijing threw a dog out of a fourth-floor window during an argument with her husband. 

In a viral video circulating on Chinese social media, a woman is seen pushing a Labrador retriever out of a window from her fourth-floor apartment. The dog was injured after landing on a car below.

Woman in China horrified after man adopts her dog and threatens to butcher it if she won’t pay ransom

labrador duobao
  • Chen, a woman from Shenzhen in southern China, adopted out her 2-year-old dog, Duogao, to a man who later tried to extort 5,000 yuan (approximately $719) from her by threatening to kill the dog for its meat.
  • Chen did not pay the ransom. She decided to go to the man’s apartment, but there was no sign of the man or her dog.
  • She reported the incident to the police last week and was told that she was not the first victim of the man’s pet adoption scam.
  • The scammer reportedly admitted to selling Duobao to a dog peddler but denied extorting Chen.
  • The incident has sparked outrage on Chinese social media, with many netizens saying that the man has no conscience.

A woman in China had her dog adopted by a man who threatened to butcher it as a way to extort money from her.

Chen, a woman from Shenzhen in southern China, decided to have her dog adopted as she could not spend time with him. She reportedly posted an adoption notice on a second-hand trading platform, where she met the man who promised to care for him in his home in Huizhou city. 

India’s Supreme Court widens definition of ‘family’ to include unmarried and queer couples

  • India's Supreme Court has ruled that familial relationships may take the form of domestic, unmarried partnerships or queer relationships, effectively expanding the country’s definition of what constitutes a “family.”
  • The verdict was made during the hearing of a nurse named Deepika Singh, whose application for maternity leave was denied by her employer because she had already taken one to care for her husband’s children from an earlier marriage.
  • Ruling in her favor, the presiding judges Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud and A. S. Bopanna noted that the existing understanding of the concept of a "family" ignores the “many circumstances which may lead to a change in one’s familial structure and the fact that many families do not conform to this expectation to begin with.”
  • According to the judges, such "atypical manifestations" of the family unit are equally deserving of social welfare benefits.
  • Observers believe the ruling could have a significant impact on the rights of women and the LGBTQ-plus community.

India’s Supreme Court has expanded its definition of what constitutes a “family,” ruling that it may take the form of domestic, unmarried partnerships or queer relationships. 

The court decision, which prescribes that such “atypical manifestations” of familial relationships also deserve social welfare benefits, came in the verdict for the case of a nurse named Deepika Singh earlier this month.

Viral dashcam video shows small pet dog being abandoned in middle of crowded road in China

  • A heartbreaking video of a small dog being dumped from a car into the middle of a busy road in China has gone viral, prompting a police search for the suspect.
  • Taken by the dash cam of another car, the video shows the driver opening their car door and dropping a small white dog onto the road as vehicles continue to pass.
  • The distressed dog then jumps and scratches at the car door while attempting to jump back in through the window.
  • The dog was rescued uninjured by a security guard at a nearby restaurant.

Dashcam footage caught the heartbreaking moment a small dog was abandoned by its owner in the middle of a busy road in China.

In a video posted to Weibo on Monday, a driver is seen opening their car door and letting a small white dog out onto a road filled with traffic in Guangdong Province of southern China. The owner’s face cannot be seen in the video.

‘We’re going to be there forever’: Texas couple adopts 7 Filipino siblings who have been separated for years

  • A North Texan couple went through an eight-month adoption process to reunite seven Filipino siblings who were separated for more than two years.
  • Chris and Jessica Milam of Denton County are determined to raise the two brothers and five sisters, who are aged 5-12.
  • “From the moment I read their profiles, I said, ‘Oh, these are the kids for us,’” Jessica told Fox 4 News.
  • The judge announced that it would be in the children’s best interest to grant the couple’s adoption, to have the children’s names changed and the records sealed.

A North Texan couple adopted seven Filipino siblings who had been separated for more than two years.

Chris and Jessica Milam of Denton County are determined to raise the two brothers and five sisters, aged 5-12, who had been separated into three different foster care homes in Texas.