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Huawei Angers China After Listing Taiwan as a Country


Chinese netizens are calling Huawei out to apologize and threatening a boycott after the company listed Taiwan as another country in their phone’s settings.

Huawei phone users discovered that when the time zone of the handset is changed, Taiwan’s capital is listed as “Taipei (China)” when viewing in simplified Chinese characters, but it becomes listed as “Taipei (Taiwan)” when it is set to traditional characters, according to Shanghaiist.

Chinese Company Punishes Workers for Using iPhones, Rewards Them for Using Huawei


As Huawei faces a crisis following the arrest of its chief financial officer in Canada, some local businesses in China have been showing support to the brand by encouraging its employees to patronize its products.

In Zhejiang province, a company has reportedly imposed a policy that rewards workers for buying Huawei smartphones and punishes those who purchased Apple devices, Shanghaiist reports.