16 Medical Staff Required to Assist 280-Pound Woman Giving Birth in China

A 280-pound woman was attended by more than one dozen medical staff as she gave birth to a baby girl on Monday.
The woman delivered her infant at a hospital in Changsha, capital of China’s Hunan province.
Workers at the maternity department never had a similar patient before.
Eventually, they held a quick conference and sent out a distress call to other departments, according to Shanghaiist.
Apparently, 16 personnel showed up to aid the patient in labor.
It did not take long before the woman and her baby’s photos landed on social media, where netizens aired their comments:
“Before getting pregnant, you should be aware of this problem. Maybe her weight doesn’t matter to her, but she is about to bear the weight of two lives. She should have lost a few pounds, otherwise she isn’t being a responsible mother.”
“I just want to know what her husband is like.”
“What about some privacy? Getting photographed when you are totally naked giving birth? That’s too much!”
This follows similarly relieving childbirth stories in China, and hopefully, we don’t hear another that turns grisly.
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