Chinese Mom Stabs Her 4 Daughters to Death After Giving Birth to Another Girl

A Chinese mother attacked her five daughters, killing four and wounding one, after suffering from depression brought by the birth of her youngest child.

The grim incident occurred on Friday at the family’s home in Zhanjiang, southern Guangdong Province.

The 31-year-old mother, surnamed Zhou, stabbed all of her five daughters with a kitchen knife. Victims were all reported to be under 8 years old, South China Morning Post said.

Zhou and her husband had been praying for a son for years. Because of this, she was frustrated over the birth of her youngest child last month, which turned out to be another daughter.

As per local reports, her husband had been working away from home to support the family and his disabled father.

Villagers reported the incident to authorities. An investigation is still ongoing.

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