Woman Delays Giving Birth For Five Days to Avoid a $7,600 Fine For Violating China’s One-Child Policy

China’s rollout of their new two-child policy on Jan. 1 had many expectant mothers doing everything they could to avoid giving birth.

A pregnant woman due to give birth on Dec. 26 last year stayed nearly motionless for five days to delay giving birth and having to pay a 500,000 yuan ($7,591) fine for her extra child, according to local media reports (via Straits Times).

The woman, surnamed Xu, was able to hold birthing her baby girl until Jan. 2, one day after the the decades-long one-child policy was replaced by a two-child policy.

“The pain started on the night of Jan 1, so we rushed her to the emergency room of the hospital,” her husband reportedly said.

Another Chinese woman, surnamed Yang, in Fujian Province, was continuously monitored to ensure she didn’t give birth “ahead of time” despite her cramps that started on Dec. 27.

On Jan. 1, she also gave birth to a baby girl. Her family nicknamed the girl Little Bawan — “bawan” is Chinese for 80,000, the amount they would have been fined for having her in 2015.

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