‘You don’t belong here’: Man videoed shouting racist abuse at Asian family in California

‘You don’t belong here’: Man videoed shouting racist abuse at Asian family in California
Chandler Treon
July 18, 2023
A man was caught on video shouting racist abuse at an Asian family at Lake Francis, California.
Racist encounter: In a video uploaded on July 12 to TikTok by user @eyy_thao_thao, a man in a sleeveless Trump 2020 shirt and American flag shorts can be seen asking a Hmong family — who is out of frame — what they are doing and if they “stand proud for this country” as his wife stands close by.
The situation quickly escalates as the man begins to shout, “You don’t belong here,” “Get the f*ck out of here” and “My family fought for this country, b*tch.” As the video ends, the man yells, “You’re the most racist sh*t I ever saw,” while presenting his middle finger in a crude gesture toward the family.
The video has received over 89,500 views as of this writing.
Additional information: The TikTok user who uploaded the video claims in another post that the family accosted by the man are her cousin and aunt. According to the TikTok user, her cousin and aunt were minding their own business when the man, unprompted, began telling them “Go back to your country” and that “Asian people collaborating with white is bullsh*t.”
As for the man’s wife, the TikTok user explains that the woman claimed to be Filipina and Chinese, however she refused to step in to defuse the situation.
Reactions: Commenters on the video responded with outrage, with many demanding accountability from the man in the video.
“You belong here more than that pos fake patriot!” wrote one commenter. “Wearing American flag shorts like a scumbag as well, no surprise!”
“No one should go thru racism. Its so sad and I’m so sorry you and your family went thru that,” commented another. “People like that need to be dealt with.”
One commenter tagged popular TikTok user Soogia (@soogia), an Asian creator who is known for providing commentary on controversial videos and topics.
“@Soogia (soo-jee-yah) got something new for you, if you wish to know the whole detail, speak with this lady who upload this video recently,” the commenter wrote.
Soogia posted her own video in response, admonishing the man for his behavior near his children but particularly chastising his wife, who is purportedly Asian, for allowing her husband to harass the Hmong family.
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