Chinese Artist Sums Up the Difference Between Eastern and Western Culture

One artist’s work on comparing the cultures of the East and the West has recently resurfaced for our enjoyment.

Yang Liu, a graphic artist who moved from Beijing to Berlin at the age of 13, has lived the best (and worst) of both worlds.

The cultural differences she witnessed inspired her to design a book of graphics titled “East Meets West”. Liu’s book was originally published in German in 2007 and has only recently come out in English.

Here’s how the two cultures stack up to each other, according to Liu:


Thinking about and speaking the truth

Leisure time

Transportation then and now

In the sun

Noise in restaurants

Dealing with problems

How opinions form

Thinking and talking about money


How people think of themselves

Thinking and speaking about ideas

The elderly in society

How bosses are

Animals to look at or to be eaten

Showing emotions

Another artist made headlines earlier this year when they depicted the  differences between China and Hong Kong in a style that may have been influenced by Liu’s work.

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