Daughter of attacked Portland senior believes her dad has developed PTSD

Daughter of attacked Portland senior believes her dad has developed PTSDDaughter of attacked Portland senior believes her dad has developed PTSD
via KGW News, KATU News / YouTube
Carl Samson
April 8, 2024
Weeks after an unprovoked assault on her elderly father in Portland, Oregon, Jie Liang suspects he is struggling with trauma.
Key points:
  • Xinmin Liang, 73, was viciously assaulted on the Eastbank Esplanade on the morning of March 12, leading to multiple injuries.
  • Asian Americans in Portland rallied on Saturday to denounce anti-Asian violence and demand justice and better protection.
  • The Multnomah County District Attorney has allocated additional resources to address hate crimes, notably the hiring of a dedicated prosecutor and investigator.
The details:
  • Xinmin is physically healing nearly a month after the attack, but his mental health has deteriorated. Speaking to reporters, Jie said she suspects her father has developed PTSD and that he fears going out without wearing a mask or a hat.
  • The incident saw an unidentified white man repeatedly hit Xinmin with a “fat wood stick.” The senior was fishing on his usual spot on the esplanade when the attack took place.
  • The Chinese Friendship Association of Portland, along with more than a dozen other Asian American community organizations and local leaders, convened at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in a show of solidarity on Saturday. The gathering aimed to denounce the recent spate of anti-Asian violence and reaffirm “that Asian Americans are not easy targets and that we too are stakeholders in this splendid city.”
  • The suspect, described as wearing a blue Willamette Week beanie and a gray shirt and pants, has not been arrested. Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt stressed his commitment to fight hate crimes, noting that his office recently hired a full-time hate crimes prosecutor and full-time hate crimes investigator.
  • Jie, who attended the rally, expressed gratitude toward the community for their support. She hopes the evidence found at the scene — the blue beanie — will lead to the suspect’s arrest.
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