Former Migrant Worker Becomes Famous in China for Looking Like Barack Obama’s Twin

Xiao Jiguo is a 29-year-old former migrant worker from Guangzhou, China, who now makes a living by exploiting the fact that he looks almost exactly like Barack Obama.
Over the last four years, Jiguo has committed to his doppleganger career by studying hundreds of videos of the United States president, memorizing his inauguration speech, shaping his eyebrows and even getting plastic surgery to enhance his Obama-like facial features.
Jiguo told the Global Times:
“In order to imitate Obama, besides waxing [his] eyebrows, he only needs a shirt, a tie and a black suit to get by, anywhere.”
While Jiguo has always borne a striking resemblance to the U.S. President, it wasn’t until 2012 when he became famous for his ability to impersonate President Obama on the TV talent contest, ”Chinese Dream Show,” according to People’s Daily Online.
After his appearance, Jiguo became known as the “Chinese Obama” and began receiving offers for other TV shows and small roles in films.
While it may or may not be a coincidence that Jiguo’s birthday is one day after Obama’s, Jiguo is convinced he shares an interconnected relationship.
Jiguo’s new comedy series centering around his Obama impersonation, “Obama Goes on Dates,” started in May and has received positive feedback. Jiguo says he never wants to go back to being a waiter but rather wants to get to a point in his career where he can act and write his own music.
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