Woman Has Epic Rage on the Hong Kong Subway When Her Phone Dies

Just about everyone has seen that one kid in the toy store screaming bloody murder while their parent marches down the aisle fuming and swearing underneath his breath. Of course, after learning that no one cares for other people’s erratic meltdowns, those children learn soon enough to keep their composure when things get rocky.
While the lesson may come quick for some, one lady riding the Hong Kong subway earlier this month demonstrated her inability to ever figure it out.
Hong Kong-based make-up artist Akira Chan posted a video to her Facebook last week of a lady going bat-shit crazy after her phone ran out of battery. Unless the woman was expecting a phone call from God, it seems pretty obvious that she might have gone a little overboard.
Strangely, while the entire carriage she was on was filled with passengers, no one looked up or even seemed to care.
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