Why Nobody Will Steal Your Shitty Startup Idea

Why Nobody Will Steal Your Shitty Startup IdeaWhy Nobody Will Steal Your Shitty Startup Idea
David Ams
December 1, 2015

Because nobody cares.

Because an idea is 1% and execution is 99%.

Because the same idea executed by different people will lead to totally different products/businesses.

Because there are no revolutionary ideas anymore.

Because the most successful businesses are basic ideas perfectly executed. 

Because if you think Uber and Airbnb were first of their kind, you’re wrong. Thousands have failed with the exact same idea.

Because you need to focus on what really matters and work without restrictions. 

Because you don’t have the answers, your market does. Talk out loud, go out there, become an expert, speak, network, and collect feedback. 

Because you don’t want to tune yourself to this level of thinking, and have better things to focus on.

Because people you’ll interact with will never sign your shitty NDA to know more about your idea they don’t give a sh*t about in the first place. 

Now, you just need to get started, hope this article helped you clean your mind from this distraction.

About the Author: Founder at @hbstudioagency, and former @HeyBubbleInc (acquired). Meditator.

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