What United Did to David Dao’s Luggage Was Also Shameful

What United Did to David Dao’s Luggage Was Also ShamefulWhat United Did to David Dao’s Luggage Was Also Shameful
Ryan General
April 17, 2017
Not only did United Airlines drag a bloodied Dr. David Dao off the now infamous flight on Sunday night, but they also sent his luggage to the wrong address. 
Dao, who refused to “voluntarily” give up his seat upon the orders of the airline staff, was violently deplaned off flight United Express flight UA3411 from Chicago to Louisville.
To add insult to the bloody injury the Vietnamese American suffered, the airline also failed to disembark the his bags from the plane. According to Dao’s lawyer, United then sent the luggage to Kentucky, far from the hospital he was admitted to in Chicago.

“The airline didn’t even have the courtesy to give the Daos their luggage after Dr. Dao was dragged off their flight and transported to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital,” attorney Thomas Demetrio told the Chicago Sun Times.
The luggage traveled from Chicago to Louisville before they were sent to the Daos’ medical practice in Elizabethtown, and then finally routed to their home. So, not only was Dr. Dao assaulted, but he and his wife didn’t even have their luggage while in Chicago.
“Instead, the airline flew their luggage to Louisville, Kentucky. And instead of delivering it to their home, they sent it to their medical practice office.”
Demetrio revealed that Dao sustained a concussion and lost two of his front teeth. He is currently undergoing medical evaluations and consultations. While the doctor remembered being dragged off of the plane, he no longer recalls going back on the plane.
“It may be difficult for him to eat, but it’s his nose and sinuses that are his biggest problem,” Demetrio shared. “This was assault and battery, taking rudeness to the extreme for a paying passenger.”
Dao, who has since been released from the hospital, is preparing to build his case against the airline.
Feature Image via Flickr / Stefan Krasowski (CC BY 2.0)
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