VIXX’s Ravi accused of using broker to dodge military duty

VIXX’s Ravi accused of using broker to dodge military dutyVIXX’s Ravi accused of using broker to dodge military duty
Ravi, a rapper and member of the South Korean boy band VIXX, has been accused of using a broker to evade his mandatory military service.
In general, all able-bodied men in South Korea are required to serve in the military for at least 18 months. Ravi has reportedly been serving the role of a social service agent since October 2022. 
According to prosecutors, the broker has allegedly assisted over 70 clients in military drafting evasion. 
Their organization has been under investigation for altering the health records of male clients and bribing a neurologist to give fake epilepsy diagnoses.
The South Korean government examines every male citizen’s physical and mental condition to determine their fitness for active duty.
Draftees are grouped into physical grades from 1 to 6, with Grades 1 to 3 serving in the military for 18 months as active-duty personnel and Grade 4 serving as social service agents at public institutions for 21 months unless they volunteer for active duty. Meanwhile, Grades 5 and 6 are excused from active duty.
Ravi’s agency, Groovl1n, released a statement on Thursday regarding the allegations:

We are currently meticulously trying to figure out the situation. We are aware we should clarify our stance as quickly as possible, but because the issue is related to military duties, we think it is best to present a detailed explanation after fully figuring out the matter. We will be cooperative with the investigative authorities in the future if necessary.

Prior to his military enlistment, Ravi released his fifth EP “Love&Holiday.”

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