Vietnam’s latest tourist attraction: ‘Kiss Bridge’ in Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam’s latest tourist attraction: ‘Kiss Bridge’ in Phu Quoc IslandVietnam’s latest tourist attraction: ‘Kiss Bridge’ in Phu Quoc Island
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A new tourist attraction, known as the “Kiss Bridge” or “Cau Hon,” has been unveiled in Vietnam’s southern Phu Quoc Island.
About the Kiss Bridge: The bridge, designed by Italian architect Marco Casamonti in collaboration with luxury tourism developer Sun Group, spans over 800 meters long and features two halves, which are separated by 12 inches.
Breathtaking views: Unveiled on Dec. 22 in Sunset Town, the picturesque bridge offers a breathtaking backdrop to witness the beauty of the Vietnamese sunset, with expansive views of the ocean. The precision of the gap reportedly allows the sun to align directly between the halves on Jan. 1 every year. This creates a romantic spot particularly for couples who can share a kiss against the sunset. 
The inspiration: The Kiss Bridge is inspired by Michelangelo’s fresco painting “The Creation of Adam,” which represents God’s and Adam’s fingers almost touching each other, and the Vietnamese folklore of Nguu Lang, which narrates the tale of two lovers separated by the Jade Emperor and only allowed to reunite annually on the O Thuoc Bridge.
The “Cau Hon” bridge, which translates to “proposing marriage,” is expected to become a popular selfie hotspot and an ideal spot for romantic proposals. Phu Quoc, often considered Vietnam‘s premier island getaway, has seen significant investments in tourism infrastructure.
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