The World’s First ‘Unstealable Bike’ is Finally Here and Completely Sold Out

Three Chilean creatives who initiated an “unstealable” bike project on Indiegogo in March that raised a total of $80,078, which was 29% more funding than their initial target, are now ready to ship their bikes.

The Yerka bike was designed with technology that prevents thieves from stealing the bike because the lock is interwoven into the main structure of the bike.

If a thief cuts through the structure, the bike is rendered unusable.

The locking procedure takes roughly 20 seconds to firmly secure the bike to a bike rack or a pole, which is the same amount of time it takes to use a traditional bike lock.

Although the Yerka Bike pre-order has concluded, the team is arranging another selling round where they will be accommodating orders for buyers who missed out on the initial campaign.

h/t: DesignTaxi
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