Rich Chinese Man Rents Out 5-Star Hotel For Pet Sea Lion’s Birthday

As we are all well aware by now, there is no shortage of hilariously rich people in China, known as a tuhao. The newest example comes in the form of one tuhao from Qingdao who decided to rent out the pool of a five-star hotel to celebrate the birthday of his pet sea lion.

The man is reportedly in his late 20s and had prearranged the swimming pool buyout. He had the hotel’s chefs prepare a large meal for the sea lion including expensive meats, vegetables and snacks served on two extravagant platters.

As the day progressed, hotel guests took notice of the unconventional scene and were pretty excited with the creature doing his best Michael Phelps impression.

While the swimming pool adventure lasted all day, the sea lion was having too much fun and refused to get out of the pool when it was coming to an end. Perhaps the only thing that was missing was a sea lion friend to play with.

Source: Shanghaiist
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