Former Pizza Delivery Man is Now a Famous BMX Rider in India

Former Pizza Delivery Man is Now a Famous BMX Rider in IndiaFormer Pizza Delivery Man is Now a Famous BMX Rider in India
Meet Annul Pale, a former pizza delivery boy who is now one of the most celebrated BMX riders in India.
Climbing the ladder in the BMX world proved to be difficult for Pale, who hails from Mumbai, India; before starting out, he didn’t even have his own bike.
But through perseverance, he managed to save up 300 rupees ($4.21) from the money he received delivering pizza. However, it took him around four months to buy a bicycle from a junk shop, he told Truly.
Pale, just like many other passionate athletes, did not enter the BMX world for the money. He jumped into it for the love of the sport.
I used to watch these guys doing wheelies. That’s all they used to do, just wheelies,” he said. “They didn’t do any other tricks.
“I asked them if they can show me some other tricks, but they said there wasn’t anything else. So that’s when my BMX journey began.”
The 28-year-old biker practiced at least two to three hours every day. Soon after that, he returned to the guys he saw before and showed them the new tricks he had learned.
After a month, I went back to those guys from before and showed them the tricks I’d learned,” he said. “They were shocked and said, ‘please dude! Teach us how to do these tricks.’”
However, some people criticized Pale’s physique and said that he was “too thin” and that he’s “not strong enough.” That didn’t stop him, though.
In Spite Of Numerous Broken Bones In My Nose, Arms, And Legs, This Remains My Passion; This Is What I Want To Do. Back In 2005, No One In The City Knew About Bicycle Motocross Free Styling; I Think I Have Managed To Change That. Today, We Have About 18 Riders In Mumbai, Of Which 10 Are Exceptionally Good,” Pale said in July 2016.
Ever since he started his career as a BMX athlete, Pale has won several championships that drew the attention of Red Bull. It wasn’t long before the energy drink company took him up and sponsored him.
When I become a successful rider I’ll invite all the riders from all across India and I’ll organize a competition that everyone will appreciate,” he told Truly. “For the future of India. We just need to keep riding and make our work known.”
Images via Instagram / annulpalebmx
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