TikToker makes $3,500 in a day talking about her McDonald’s job

TikToker makes $3,500 in a day talking about her McDonald’s jobTikToker makes $3,500 in a day talking about her McDonald’s job
A McDonald’s employee-turned-content creator shared
In a post on July 28, Kai, known on the platform as @kaisbubbletea, discusses how her profits soared while performing her nighttime skincare routine. She reveals that she earned over $3,500 in just a day after her lighthearted video amassed over 3 million views within 24 hours. 
The Grimace incident: In the viral clip, a customer can be heard playfully asking Kai where Grimace was and other random questions about the Grimace meal, a recent promotion celebrating the mascot’s birthday. A woman can also be heard complaining about her “cold fries” to workers in the background.
Money matters: Kai, who earns $13.50 per hour at McDonald’s, shares that she previously owned 20 other accounts before finally striking gold with her 21st TikTok account.
She reveals that she only started earning money on the platform after signing under its Beta Creativity Program, which is open to creators with over 10,000 followers and 100,000 authentic video views accumulated in 30 days. Sharing a snapshot of her remarkable $3,595.09 in earnings, Kai notes the amount is nearly equivalent to her earnings from working an entire summer at the fast-food chain.
Paycheck disparity: Kai acknowledged that since such trends are often fleeting, she still works hard to support herself. According to Kai, the realization that a lot of hardworking people will probably never see paychecks as large as those of influencers who easily make bank with their content makes her sad.
“These influencers … they’re out here making so much money and they’re not putting in as nearly as much effort as like your day to normal f*cking person,” she muses.
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