Watch: Grateful TikToker reveals Olive Garden’s cheesy little secret

Watch: Grateful TikToker reveals Olive Garden’s cheesy little secretWatch: Grateful TikToker reveals Olive Garden’s cheesy little secret
via @bo_gjerness
Ryan General
October 18, 2023
A TikTok user has shed light on an unexpected Olive Garden secret: customers can purchase the very same cheese graters used in the restaurant.
A grateful customer: Content creator Bo Gjerness, who goes by @bo_gjerness on TikTok, discovered the little-known secret after visiting the popular Italian chain on her birthday. In the video she uploaded on Oct. 6, Gjerness narrates how she was able to score the item.
“So I went to the Olive Garden for my birthday and the never-ending pasta bowl and I asked the waiter, you know, do you guys sell the cheese graters? And they do!”
Cheesy demonstration: She then holds up the grater to the camera and starts shaking it with pride.
“B*tch tell me when! Tell me when!” she says while demonstrating how it works. “And here’s the best part: they gave me some cheese to go with it.”
She then shows off a plastic container with cheese inside before letting out a scream as the video ends. 
Sparking a trend: Gjerness’ clip went on to amass over 1.1 million views and set off a trend. Popular TikToker Jordan Howlett (@jordan_the_stallion8), known for exploring fast-food secrets, decided to put the claim to the test. After asking an Olive Garden manager, he was delighted to secure his own cheese grater. The restaurant also threw in a container of cheese blocks.

“I was 95.7% sure that that was not gonna work. Come here. I got to the Olive Garden. I went to the manager, all I said was ‘cheese grater.’ And she looked at me and said ‘Give me one minute.’ They sold me the cheese grater. Not only that, they gave me cheese to try out… I don’t think you guys understand how life-changing this is for me. I canceled all of my plans.”

Netizens weigh in: TikTok commenters shared that the restaurant is willing to sell a variety of items, not just cheese graters, including syrups and more. One former Olive Garden employee even recounted a story of a customer buying a painting off the restaurant’s wall. Some users also pointed to the cheese grater brand that the restaurant uses in case anyone wants to buy it directly from the supplier. 
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