TikToker reacts to tasting Indian food for first time: ‘That should be a crime’

TikToker reacts to tasting Indian food for first time: ‘That should be a crime’TikToker reacts to tasting Indian food for first time: ‘That should be a crime’
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Bryan Ke
October 17, 2023
A TikToker was blown away by Indian dishes he tried for the first time in his life, including garlic naan and butter chicken, as shown in a recent viral video.
Key details: Popular TikTok food reviewer Luke Foods, who has over 445,000 followers and 9.5 million likes on the platform, recently shared his first experience with Indian cuisine in a video uploaded to his channel last week.
Some of the foods he features in the video are onion bhaji, garlic naan, butter chicken and gulab jamun from India Oven in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Luke Foods spent about $35 for the entire order.
Off to a great start: Luke Foods first tries the onion bhaji, which is a deep-fried fritter made of onion. He describes the finger food as something like onion rings but without the onion inside of it, just the onion flavoring. Luke Foods notes that he likes the onion bhaji.
Blowing his mind: While his reaction to the onion bhaji seems to be more relaxed, Luke Foods had his mind blown after trying out the garlic naan and then later the chicken butter, describing the latter as being “divine” and “one of the best things I’ve had in my life.”
Combining the two: On their own, the two dishes seem to be more than enough to impress Luke Foods with their flavor; however, after dipping the naan into the butter chicken, the TikToker’s first experience with Indian cuisine rises even further.
“My taste buds have been violated,” he says after that otherworldly experience, “that should be a crime. I’m tweaking.”
Going viral: Luke Foods’ post on TikTok has already amassed over 9.5 million views and received more than 1.1 million likes. A re-post of his video on the subreddit r/TikTokCringe has also received more than 31,400 upvotes.
What people are saying: Some comments under his TikTok posts gave Luke Foods instructions on how to have an even greater experience with the meal he ordered, such as mixing the chicken butter with rice and with the naan bread, which he already did in the video.
“This is how I felt the first time I had Indian food, and now it’s my favorite,” plus-size model Tess Holliday wrote in her comment.
Like some comments under Luke Foods’ TikTok post, other Redditors also poked fun at how the TikToker had his Indian meal while wearing a button-up shirt and tie in his car.
“My dude’s straight playing with fire dressed like that and in a car,” one Reddit user commented, while another said, “LOL this meal is not car food! He’s gonna make a mess out of himself.”
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