TikToker’s provocative videos on Thai public bus sparks controversy

TikToker’s provocative videos on Thai public bus sparks controversyTikToker’s provocative videos on Thai public bus sparks controversy
via @huanxi59
A TikTok user who claimed to be a “Chinese girl” sparked controversy in Thailand this week after videos of her engaging in provocative behavior on a public bus in the northern city of Chiang Mai gained widespread attention. 
Going viral: On June 16, TikTok user @huanxi59 uploaded three videos of herself scantily clad and dancing suggestively on a red baht bus in downtown Chiang Mai. In the footage, she is seen on the floor of the baht bus taking off her shirt to reveal a bra top and lowering her pants to expose her G-string underwear.
Her videos went viral, garnering over 1 million total views before her account was taken down.
The woman, who is believed to have boarded a red baht bus in the Tha Phae area, has received online criticism from Thai social media users. 

An official reacts: Baht bus cooperative Nakornlanna Co condemned the woman’s actions on Tuesday and urged its drivers to be more vigilant in monitoring their passengers’ behaviors.
According to Natthawut Chotethaweephun, the bus cooperative’s president, such misconduct could potentially tarnish the image of both the city and the red baht buses. He also expressed concern about how the videos might affect the city’s heritage and tourism industry.
Discerning the driver: Nakornlanna Co, which is responsible for overseeing 2,199 red baht bus operators in Chiang Mai, has called upon its members to help identify the bus and driver involved in the incident.
While Natthawut believes that the driver might not have been aware of the passenger’s actions due to limited visibility, he aims to prevent similar incidents from occurring.
Nakornlanna Co has requested its members to cooperate by looking out for the safety, reputation and integrity of Chiang Mai’s public transportation system.

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