‘Sims 4’ adds more East Asian eye presets, Native American hairstyles

‘Sims 4’ adds more East Asian eye presets, Native American hairstyles‘Sims 4’ adds more East Asian eye presets, Native American hairstyles
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Bryan Ke
July 20, 2023
Video game developer Electronic Arts, commonly referred to as EA, has released a free patch for “The Sims 4” that includes new presets for Native American and East Asian Sims.
About the patch: Released on Tuesday, patch 1.78 for consoles – or for PC and for Mac – sees the addition of a large selection of new presets for eyes and eyebrows for their East Asian Sims, as briefly showcased by game producer SimGuruAsh on Twitter.
“For our East Asian Sims, we have a large selection of new Eye Presets and Brows in tapered, straight, and wavy shapes,” EA mentioned in its latest patch note.
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“We are enthused to add three hairstyles in the form of a Double Braid, Single Braid, and Lengthened Hair that extends down to your Sims mid-back,” EA’s latest “The Sims” patch note states.
The patch also includes hairstyles which the company called “important to the cultural identity of Indigenous People in America.”
Other updates: Patch 1.78 also introduces three new under-eye bags in the Eye Details category, the ability to add color and patterns to ceilings, the ability to cook Three Sister Chili on grills and more color options for several wall, floor, fence and door patterns, among other updates.
Saddle up: The latest patch comes right before the release of EA’s new “The Sims 4” DLC “Horse Ranch,” which reflects “elements of Native American culture.”
With “Horse Ranch,” players get to experience what it is like to raise, breed, train and form special bonds with horses. They can also have their Sims ride horses into town and make them mingle with Sims from a brand new community.
Representation issues: EA began addressing representation in “The Sims 4” after several people complained in 2020 about the limited choices for skin tones when creating a Sim.
To rectify the issue, EA released a free update that added over 100 new skin tones later that year, followed by new East Asian eye and hair color presets in 2021.

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