Japanese Company Creates Dating Sim To Help Women Sleep With The Right Bra

Japanese Company Creates Dating Sim To Help Women Sleep With The Right Bra

September 11, 2017
Wacoal, one of Japan’s leading lingerie companies, found that over 20% of local women are having sleeping difficulties because their breasts move uncomfortably in their sleep. In response, the company decided to create a product called the “night-up bra” which supposedly gives excellent support at nighttime.
What’s most interesting, however, isn’t so much the product as it is the method the company is using to sell it…
That’s right — now players can choose from five equally-handsome anime men to assist with bra issues in “Karemin”, the dating sim designed to help users get a good night’s sleep.
According to SoraNews24, “Karemin” is a combination of the Japanese words “kareshi” (“boyfriend”) and “suimin” (“sleep”).
In the game, the player takes the role of a woman who learns about getting a good night’s sleep. She meets four young instructors and their mature manager.
The guys basically help players select the right bras and pajamas, but they also chat and sleep beside them!
Meet them:
Asahi Kawahara, 23. “The ‘mature’ young man.” He likes yoga and ice.
Miyabi Sayo, 27. “The natural prince idol.” He likes music, reading and jellies.
Yuya Yoshida, 28. “Your childhood friend.” He likes cooking, camping and salted fish.
Kei Kimura, 30. “A designer at Wacoal’s Product Development Department.” He likes many things, but mostly movies and reading. He loves Yukke.
Hayato Shinonome, 33. “The cool tsundere boss.” He likes reading, collecting stamps and sweet things — especially pudding.
This isn’t the first time a company has created a dating sim to sell a product — many visual romance novel fanatics will fondly remember “Koi suru, Brother-kun!“, otherwise known as the game where players date a printer.
“Karemin” is now available to download for free on Android and iOS
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