Why the Most Expensive Perfume in the World Costs $140,000

The most expensive perfume collection ever created was unveiled on Saturday.
Diamond corporation World of Diamonds collaborated with luxury perfume company Cuarzo The Circle collaborated to concoct three of the most expensive scents in the world, valued collectively at $140,000, and only available through an auction at the Boudoir Noire party at the Capitol Theatre in Singapore.
The Royalé Dream was introduced for the first time at the Amber Lounge Singapore during the Grand Prix. Created for emperors, queens and kings, the new collection is comprised of three different scents for three different types of royalty:
  • “Earth” was created for men embracing physical purity and is encased in a bottle covered in 10 colorless diamonds.
  • “Celestial” was created for women to express feminine divinity with a bottle polished in six vivid purplish pink diamonds.
  • “Enlightenment” was created for both sexes and represents light through knowledge and inspiration with a sphere holding 24-karat golden leaves.  
Each perfume bottle sits inside a palladium-plated, lambskin-lined ostrich egg case supported by a pedestal of leaves.
The collection includes a lambskin pillow fitted with a vivid blue 0.85 karat diamond and white gold ring that could purportedly sell for $500,000 at auction alone.
Long-time perfumer and Cuarzo the Circle founder Ramón Béjar said the perfume known as the “Dream of Kings” is his top creation by far.
h/t: Luxury Launches
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