Film highlighting rise of anti-Asian racism during COVID seeks help on GoFundMe

When COVID-19 changed life as we knew it at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic also sparked another terrifying trend in America – the alarming rise of violent and racist attacks on AAPI communities and businesses across the country. 
The notion that the virus originated in China, which was further provoked by a former president’s prolific use of the phrase “China virus,” led to Asian Americans, regardless of their ethnicity, becoming targets of blame and victims of xenophobic and racist attacks. In many cases, innocent, defenseless and elderly Asian Americans were murdered. These attacks were only acknowledged by mainstream media after months of fear, pain and heartbreak.
For many in the AAPI community, these events are some of the most eye-opening of our generation. Unfortunately, it’s just the latest chapter in America’s troubling history of racism against Asian Americans going back to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the Yellow Peril era of the early 1900s, the forced relocation of Japanese Americans to concentration camps during WWII, and the heartbreaking turning point for Asian American rights with the brutal murder of Vincent Chin in 1982 where the killers escaped jail.
Now, NextShark is partnering with two filmmakers who are documenting these recent events on film to give America a hard look at itself and make sure the pain of today’s AAPI community is never forgotten.
“The Race Epidemic,” by filmmakers Ronald W. Wong and Tony Shyu, looks at anti-Asian COVID-related violence against America’s history of anti-Asian racism featuring notable professors, civil rights activists, and city, state and federal politicians that include Congresswoman Judy Chu, California State Assemblymember Evan Low, MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, and many more.
“The Race Epidemic” is an important work for all Asian Americans, current and future, but we still need the community’s help to get this film out there.
The Asian Pacific American Leadership Foundation (APALF), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is asking the community for help to raise $1,000,000 on GoFundMe to complete the film and distribute it across the country. Funds will also go to developing anti-bias training for leaders and hosting training sessions across America. All donations are tax deductible.
The AAPI community must no longer stay the silent majority. Help us make sure this important turning point in Asian American history is never forgotten and DONATE to “The Race Epidemic” today.
About Ronald W. Wong: Ronald Wong is the founder of the APALF and the President of the award-winning political consulting and ethnic marketing firm Imprenta Communications Group. Ronald is a legend in the political world having worked for the Clinton Administration, California Governor Gary Davis and numerous California state politicians over the last 35 years. “The Race Epidemic” is the culmination of decades of Ronald’s work in storytelling, political empowerment and social justice.
About Tony Shyu: Tony Shyu is an award-winning screenwriter and the director and producer of “The Race Epidemic.” Coming from years of creating award-winning commercials for major global brands and PSAs starring AAPI celebrities like George Takei, John Cho and Constance Wu, Shyu is currently developing shows with all-Asian American and all-Asian casts for Bravo TV and Netflix, respectively.
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