‘The Brother’s Sun’ earns praise from critics and viewers

‘The Brother’s Sun’ earns praise from critics and viewers‘The Brother’s Sun’ earns praise from critics and viewers
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Netflix’s adrenaline-pumping series “The Brother’s Sun” is receiving high praise from fans and critics, certifying fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. 
Critics review: Less than a week out from its streaming debut, the first season of the comedy action series has earned an official Fresh score of 81% based on 26 critic reviews.
“Thanks to a talented cast and wild action sequences, the show remains fairly entertaining throughout,” Judy Berman of Time wrote. “Thanks to a talented cast and wild action sequences, the show remains fairly entertaining throughout. The Brothers Sun is also smart about noting the contradictions inherent in Hollywood’s reductive Asian stereotypes—the “model minority” nerd vs. the cutthroat gangster vs. the so-called tiger mom—without congratulating itself for the trenchant critique.”
“At its best when it’s playful — basically ‘Mother Knows Best’ with a lot of violence — and less so when it slips into silliness, the show features enough energetic action to work reasonably well on multiple levels,” Brian Lowry of CNN said. 
Audience review: The show has also garnered positive reviews on social media platforms, with viewers expressing enthusiasm for its perfect blend of action and comedy.
“‘The Brothers Sun’ might be the best show of the year and the year just started! That’s how FANTASTIC it is! This show was action packed, emotional and so f*cking hilarious! It literally came out swinging!” one X user tweeted.
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“Yo this was f*cking fire. This is perfect action-comedy. On top of all that, a Jurassic Park nod? Brilliant!” another person said
About the series: “The Brothers Sun” revolves around the eldest son of a Taiwanese triad, Charles “Chairleg” Sun, who goes to Los Angeles to protect his mother and brother after the head of the triad is shot. The eight-episode series promises a blend of high-octane action, family dynamics and dark humor as the Sun family confronts their criminal past. 
The show was created by Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk and directed by Kevin Tancharoen. It boasts an all-Asian cast and writers’ room, including Michelle Yeoh, Jon Xue Zhang (“Eternals”), Alice Hewkin (“Sex Education”), Madison Hu (“Bizaardvark”), Highdee Kuan (“Fear the Night”), Joon Lee (“The Silent Sea”), Sam Song Li (“Better Call Saul”) and comedian Jenny Yang (“Gordita Chronicles”).
Redeeming Yeoh: The show’s success contrasts with Yeoh’s previous Netflix project, “The Witcher: Blood Origin,” which received poor reviews. “The Brothers Sun” not only marks a positive turn for Yeoh’s collaboration with Netflix but also suggests the potential for future seasons if accompanied by strong viewership numbers.
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