Chinese Factory Worker Swears at Man Who Told Him No Smoking, Finds Out It’s His Boss

It’s probably a good idea to know what your boss looks like, especially if you are working at the world’s largest electronics manufacturing company. That’s the advice two Foxconn workers wish they followed when they told off Terry Gou, the company’s founder and chairman, after he told them to put out their cigarettes in a non-smoking area.

Terry Gou, 65, is a self-made man with a net worth of $5.9 billion, according to Forbes. He founded Foxconn Technology, located in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan, in 1974. It is the fourth largest information technology company by revenue and employs approximately 1 million people.

Unfortunately for the two Foxconn workers, they did not recognize Gou when he approached them in the non-smoking area near the dining hall of a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. When Gou told his employees to put out their cigarettes, they responded with:


“Who are you? It’s none of your fucking business.”

Furious, Gou shouted back:

“If the manager doesn’t fix you, then I will fix you. Foxconn doesn’t need workers like you.”

The company founder and chairman didn’t quite like being cursed at by his employees so he called upon the factory manager to address the workers, according to The Paper. It is unknown what became of the two workers. Footage from the incident was caught in a seven-second video that has been circulating on the Chinese net.

h/t: Shanghaiist
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