Rice is Not the Best Solution If You Drop Your Phone in Water

A new company called TekDry is using a state-of-the-art vacuum machine that sucks the water out of damaged phones within 30 minutes.

Although bags of rice are known to absorb unwanted water out of phones, it is rarely a dependable method as it can take up to three days for the rice to completely absorb the water and even then the phone may still be lost for good.

TekDry is claiming that they have an 80% success rate with phones that are brought in within 48 hours of a phone being dropped into water.

Using special vacuums, TekDry is salvaging water-damaged phones in 30 minutes time. They are charging $70 for the service, which may seem slightly expensive at first but is pretty cheap when compared to the cost of a brand new phone. Additionally, if the phone cannot be salvaged, TekDry refunds the full amount guaranteed.

As of now, TekDry has locations in Colorado, Michigan and New Hampshire but will be opening 82 more locations across the United States by the end of October.

h/t: Business Insider Feature Image via YouTube
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