Retrieved footage captures teens’ brutal attack on two Asian women in Sydney

Retrieved footage captures teens’ brutal attack on two Asian women in Sydney
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Ryan General
October 31, 2023
A shocking video posted on Instagram on Tuesday captures a violent attack against two women, purported to be Korean, near Sydney Town Hall in Sydney, Australia. 
Caught on cam: The disturbing video, uploaded by an account “representing the victims’ friends and family,” depicts a brutal assault by a pair of teens on two victims that the caption noted were from Melbourne.
The clip shows one teen grabbing, punching and clawing at one of the Asian women. The teen managed to topple the victim to the ground and started kicking her body as another teen laughed and danced, seemingly celebrating the violent act. 
How the violence started: According to the caption, two Korean women from Melbourne were verbally attacked with racial slurs by the teenagers as they were walking back to their hotel on the evening of Oct. 28. The situation reportedly escalated further when the teenagers began following the two young women, prompting one of the victims to start recording the incident as a form of self-defense.
The clip ends with the other teen charging toward the other victim and grabbing the phone she was using to record the incident. Both victims had their phones stolen and sustained physical injuries to their bodies and heads during the altercation.
Under investigation: The stolen phones were eventually tracked in Riverstone, New South Wales, and ultimately recovered in shattered conditions. The victims were able to retrieve video evidence of the attack through iCloud. The incident is currently under investigation and the police are following the leads from the movements the teenagers made while carrying the stolen phones.
The violent act has been widely condemned by commenters on the platform, with many calling for a thorough investigation into the perpetrators and their motives. Others lamented that no one among the passersby came to help the victims during the attack.  
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