Asian Woman Attacks Muslim Couple on College Campus Because She Was ‘Scared’

Asian Woman Attacks Muslim Couple on College Campus Because She Was ‘Scared’

January 23, 2017
A video of one Asian woman going on a racist tirade against a Muslim couple has gone viral.
The incident occurred at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, on Friday afternoon. Ramzy Alamudi and his wife, who just finished a final exam towards her medical science degree, was getting in their Toyota Yaris when they noticed an Asian woman staring at them.
In acknowledgment, the couple waved and smiled at the woman as they got inside the car.
That’s when things “turned upside down,” Ramzy said in a Facebook post. “The lady flips it and sticks her middle finger right at us.”
As seen in the footage filmed by his wife, the woman repeatedly banged their car’s windows and tried to open its doors.
Ramzy urged his wife to call for security. The woman was apparently gunning for his wife, demanding that she take her niqab, an Islamic veil that covers the face, off. The racist stranger yelled:
“F**k you! Take it off! Take it off! You Muslim terrorist! Who the f**k are you?”
Ramzy finally opened the door when the woman tried to snap the car’s wipers off. As soon he got out, the woman charged:
“Who are you? Why are you wearing a mask? Terrorist! You have a gun?”
More footage was posted by witness Emily Grace Guff, who was also a student at the university. In this video, the woman defended her actions:
“I was so scared. I don’t know what she carries… I can let you check my car, but you can’t let me check your car. That’s illegal.”
Guff described what she saw:
“She was demanding this man show her some form of ID, calling out that she didn’t belong here, and that we shouldn’t let her walk around freely because we didn’t know what she could have hiding under her dress.”
As it turned out, the woman actually left her own baby unattended just to check on Ramzy and his wife. Guff said:
“The whole time this woman was having her rant, her baby was sitting in her unlocked car, meters from where she was hurling abuse. Yes, she had left her infant child in the car to run over and launch herself at an innocent couple minding their business.”
Macquarie University assured that an investigation is being conducted, according to The Sydney Morning Herald:
“Macquarie University takes matters of this nature incredibly seriously. We are very proud of our diverse community and are committed to religious acceptance and the free expression of faith. A full review is currently under way.”
The woman, reportedly 35 years of age, was charged with common assault and destroying or damaging property. She goes to court on March 13.
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