Teacher in China Sparks Outrage After Being Caught on Camera Dragging Student By Her Hair

Teacher in China Sparks Outrage After Being Caught on Camera Dragging Student By Her Hair

May 4, 2017
A foreign language primary school teacher in Dongguan, Guangdong Province in China was caught on camera dragging a young girl on the ground by her hair on Tuesday.
A courier, who recorded the teacher and later shared the footage on the Internet, went up to the woman to confront her, but she tried to act like she was the girl’s mother — as if that made the abuse okay — saying that it was none of the courier’s business.
The little girl can be seen and heard crying on the ground, screaming that she “wants to go home!
According to Shanghaiist, the courier reported the teacher, prompting the girl’s real mother to visit the school and angrily speak to the school’s principal about the incident.
The teacher was suspended for physical assault pending an investigation.
The incident took place at Huachen Foreign Language School on May 2, according to Daily Mail.
School staff claimed that the year two student went out for lunch with her mother earlier in the day and returned for class in the afternoon.
The girl refused to go back inside the school and remained near the gate.
That’s when the teacher talked to her for about 30 minutes until the little girl agreed to get back to class.
But the girl stopped half-way through and began to sob.
The principal of Huachen Foreign Language School has since apologized to the parents of the girl, who was sent to a local hospital for a check-up. No injuries were found.
The video has sparked outrage online, with many netizens demanding that the government investigate incidents of school violence and stop similar situations from happening.
One user wrote: “This cannot be done with an apology. This is serious child abuse. Why can’t our country set better laws and regulations to protect our children?
In April, a video showing an enraged tiger mom beating down a kindergarten teacher after watching surveillance footage of the woman abusing her child went viral on Chinese social media.
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