Chinese Mother Mercilessly Beats Kindergarten Teacher After School Video Reveals Child Abuse

Footage of what appeared to be an angry tiger mom confronting a kindergarten teacher who had allegedly abused her child has gone viral in China.

The child came home from a pricey private school in Beijing and complained that her teachers had been hitting her.

The woman, assumed to be her mother according to Shanghaiist, visited the kindergarten and demanded to check out the school’s surveillance footage, in which two teachers can be seen throwing and kicking a child.

She could not hold back her anger, and immediately grabs one of the young teachers by the hair, dragging her down to the ground and kicking her mercilessly.

Check out the video below:

Chinese netizens reportedly praised the woman.

A similar incident occurred in April 2016, when a kindergarten teacher who was physically assaulting her students was caught red-handed by a grandmother who can be seen on video hitting the woman at the school in Chongqing.

Upon finding out about what happened to the children, the kindergarten offered medical treatment to all of the students and fired the teacher from her position, according to Daily Mail.

On Chinese social media site Weibo, users criticized the teacher for going too far and not having a heart.

The kindergarten needs to be much more vigilant,” one user said.

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