Taylor Swift surprises Filipino fan by doing his viral dance during concert

Taylor Swift surprises Filipino fan by doing his viral dance during concert
via @mikael.arellano, @inbluejaywayy
Iris Jung
March 31, 2023
Pop superstar Taylor Swift performed a popular TikTok dance choreographed by Filipino fan Mikael Arellano during her “Eras Tour.”
In the original video uploaded on Oct. 23, 2022, 21-year-old Arellano filmed himself lip-syncing to “Bejeweled” from Swift’s latest album “Midnights.” As the song hits the chorus, Arellano struts towards the camera, twirls and shakes his hand in a twinkle-like motion. 
With 6.2 million views as of this writing, Arellano’s cute and simple dance went viral, with many copying the choreography in their own TikTok videos. 
Swift surprised many of her fans when she performed the viral TikTok dance during her performance of “Bejeweled” in Glendale, Arizona
Immediately recognizing the dance, fans at the concert uploaded videos of the moment, making sure to tag Arellano in the description.
“Someone check on Mikael rn,” one TikTok user commented under the concert video. 
“I’m dead she saw everything we did on TikTok!!” another wrote. 
Other fans went directly to Arellano’s original TikTok clip to share the big news with the creator in the comments section. 
“This choreo made it to The Eras Tour!!!” one user excitedly shared. 
“Taylor Swift did your dance !!!!!” another commented. 
Luckily, the news didn’t escape the Filipino fan, who reacted to Swift’s performance on TikTok. 
With clear excitement and disbelief on his face, the background sound Arellano added to his reaction video is an edited sound bite of Swift singing, “screaming, crying, throwing up, punch me in the face.”
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