TikTok’s favorite Filipino mom Mama Lulu reacts to her appearance in new Beyoncé music video

TikTok’s favorite Filipino mom Mama Lulu reacts to her appearance in new Beyoncé music video
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December 6, 2022
Mama Lulu’s family is always game to poke fun at her to coax out more of the charming cantankerousness that’s gained her millions of TikTok fans.
It was her response to her son’s dig at a Beyoncé song, however, that may have endeared her to the pop icon.
In a video uploaded to TikTok on Monday by everyone’s “favorite family of eedjiots,” Mama Lulu, who can be counted as a part of the enthusiastic Beyoncé fandom known as the Beyhive, learns she is featured in a new music video for Queen Bey’s “Break My Soul.” The 41-year-old singer released the “Hive Certified” video, essentially a clip compilation of fans dancing to the “Renaissance” single, in celebration of the song being certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.
In the clip, Mama Lulu, who is wrapped in a blanket emblazoned with a full-figure graphic of Beyoncé, can be seen sitting on the edge of a bed ready to view what’s about to be played on the television in front of her.
“Beyonce posted a new video, and I have a surprise for you because I think you might like it,” her son and frequent TikTok co-star Olly, who is filming and out of view of the camera, can be heard telling his mom.
“Of course, Beyonce,” Mama Lulu responds.
After its viewer discretion warning, the music video opens with a clip originally posted by Mama Lulu’s family to their TikTok on June 22 — two days after the original release of “Break My Soul” — that has since garnered over 5.7 million views, at the time of this writing.
“I don’t like Beyonce’s new song,” Olly confesses to his mother, who appears busy cooking in the family’s kitchen, in the viral video.
After an astonished pause, a perturbed Mama Lulu fires back: “Get out of here, before I break your soul.”
Upon seeing her old TikTok video introduce Beyoncé’s new video, a surprised and excited Mama Lulu can’t help but let out a gleeful laugh before launching into a happy dance.
The video then cuts to a shot of the beloved Filipino mom dabbing at her eyes while holding up a water bottle as a microphone.
“I would like to thank Beyoncé, her mother Tina for having her, and my family,” the matriarch says.
Mama Lulu then turns slightly so the Beyoncé blanket draped around her shoulders can be seen more prominently and bossily quips, “Focus the blanket, Oliver.”
The video of Mama Lulu’s reaction to the surprise reveal has so far amassed over 1.4 million views at the time of this writing.
Watch the new Beyoncé video featuring Mama Lulu below.

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