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Y Combinator’s Sam Altman Got Kicked Out of The Ritz London For Wearing Sneakers

One of America’s richest and most famous tech venture capitalists was kicked out of a bar for wearing “sports shoes.”

That man, Sam Altman, happens to be the president of Y Combinator, the seed accelerator responsible for funding unicorn startups including Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe and Zenefits. He tweeted yesterday that he was being turned down at a bar in the Ritz for wearing teal blue sneakers.

This is What a Bunch of Rich Dudes Bickering on Twitter Looks Like

Billionaires don’t take kindly to people who bash on their T.V. shows as one Silicon Valley investor learned after suggesting that the iconic show “Shark Tank” was a waste of time for entrepreneurs.

Paul Graham is one of Silicon Valley’s defining venture capitalists and co-founder of Y Combinator, the elite startup accelerator program with a low acceptance rate that birthed startups like Airbnb and Dropbox.

Rap Genius Founder: My Top 5 Y Combinator Demo Day Companies of 2015

I actually think Mucker Lab in L.A. is much better than Y Combinator — especially since it is located on Main Street in Santa Monica in the middle of the baller area next to all the cool bars. Also, the Mucker partners give you 24-hour access to the VC, so you can, like, throw crazy parties there and stuff, whereas YC is in the middle of Mountain View, which is the most depressing place in the world — although I still have fond memories of YC.

I remember when Rap Genius was doing YC and I was living there with my former co-founders, Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory. We called our time in YC “The Masturbation Olympics” for obvious reasons. We also worked a lot. The only fun thing we did was sneak into the Stanford gym every day.

Guy Ditches Girlfriend After He’s Accepted to Y Combinator, Then Realizes it’s Fake

Several weeks ago, Kurt Braget submitted a Y Combinator Fellowship application for his startup, TopChart. Yesterday, TopChart received an acceptance letter to the prestigious startup accelerator program, and Braget rightfully celebrated, but not everything would turn out as it seemed.

In a post on Medium, Braget detailed what happened after he was “accepted” to YC, including one investor’s offer to give him $50,000 after hearing the good news and breaking up with his girlfriend.

Hopeful Entrepreneur Uses Pornhub Ad to Get a VC’s Attention

Its not hard to imagine how far some people might go to promote their startups when potential millions are on the line, but one entrepreneur perhaps went too far by using ads on Pornhub to get the attention of a renowned investor.

The Pornhub ads were meant to grab the attention of Sam Altman, an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and the president of Silicon Valley’s elite startup accelerator, Y Combinator, according to The Next Web, who received a tip from one guy just doing his “random evening ritual.”