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COVID locked-down Xi’an sees tragedies, food complications mount

  • Xi’an’s “zero COVID” policy has forced the city of 13 million people into strict home confinement for two weeks.
  • A woman who was eight months pregnant at the time of the lockdown lost her baby after a hospital refused her entry without a COVID-19 test. Footage of her outside the hospital posted to social media went viral.
  • The lockdown has led to a shortage of food and supplies in the city, and some residents have reportedly resorted to bartering goods for consumables and household essentials.

Residents of Xi’an, China, have been under lockdown since Dec. 23, causing health issues and food shortages for the 13 million citizens confined to their homes.

Health risks

LGBT Conference Canceled in China Because City ‘Does Not Welcome Gay People’

An LGBT conference in China was forced to cancel after organizers of the event were reportedly told by police that the city “does not welcome gay people.”

At least 400 attendees were expected to arrive at Sunday’s Speak Out conference in the city of Xi’an, with speakers such as Li Tingting, one of the “Feminist Five,” speaking out against discrimination and discussing Chinese LGBT rights.