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Japanese Rockstar Sorry for Eating Dinner With Jackie Chan During Hong Kong Protests

X Japan member Yoshiki came under fire after posting a picture of himself having dinner with Jackie Chan during the Hong Kong anti-extradition law protests last week.

The 53-year-old musician shared the post on his social media accounts on June 12, showing a private dinner that he had with Chan, who is said to be a “prominent and outspoken supporter of the Communist Party of China,” according to SoraNews24.

Egg Company Hires Japan’s Greatest Rock Legend Yoshiki For Adorable Commercial

A new series of Japanese television ads for egg company Akita shows rock legend Yoshiki Hayashi – or simply known and referred to as just Yoshiki – of heavy metal band X Japan, tucking in a freakishly adorable cat mascot with scrambled eggs.

It starts off pretty much ordinarily with Yoshiki cooking a scrambled egg meal on a frying pan with a voice over from the cute cat mascot Kiyonya – who is, by the way, made up of ketchup rice – in the background, according to SoraNews24.