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White Chef Enrages the Asian Community AGAIN After Making a Chicken Sandwich and Calling it ‘Pho’

Stock Rittenhouse, a restaurant in Philadelphia owned by chef Tyler Akin, is getting dragged online after netizens discovered a dish on the menu called Pho Fried Chicken Sandwich.

According to the description, the sandwich consists of “crispy chicken thigh with fish sauce caramel glaze, pho spices, cilantro root mayonnaise, spicy hoisin, black pepper, coriander pickled onions, and Thai basil.”

White Guy’s Vietnamese Accent is Apparently So Good People Aren’t Even Mad


A Caucasian man’s prank on a confused telemarketer by putting on a thick Vietnamese accent is going viral, and many commenters cannot help but commend for his accuracy.

The video, posted by Ramos Jakob, features a brown-haired White man in an office messing around with a telemarketer about a supposed car accident. He makes use of an over-the-top Vietnamese accent, wherein “f’s” and “p’s” are interchanged.