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Philippines’ Duterte Jokes About Using Ma‌riju‌an‌a to Get by ‘K‌‌illi‌n‌‌g’ Work Schedule

duterte marijuana

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte raised questions after claiming that he uses mari‌jua‌na to stay up amid “kil‌lin‌g” schedules at work.

Speaking at an awards ceremony on Monday, the 73-year-old head of state reportedly made the comment in connection to a recent summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Singapore, the Associated Press reported.

Chinese Immigrants Keep Getting Arrested During Marijuana Farm Raids in California

Police are baffled by the rising numbers of Chinese nationals, some of whom don’t speak or understand English, linked to marijuana grow houses that were raided by authorities in recent months throughout the U.S.

Authorities recently conducted raids in multiple counties including Sacramento, Yuba, Yolo and Placer, resulting in the arrest of several people with Chinese passports, many holding B-1 or B-2 visas, reported The Sacramento Bee.

K-Pop Singer Investigated After Boyfriend’s Friend Offered Her Marijuana

K-Pop Singer Son Ga-in is now the subject of investigation after she claimed that a friend of her actor boyfriend, Joo Ji-hoon, suggested she smoke marijuana, which is very illegal for recreational use in South Korea, for her depression and insomnia.

Joo’s friend offered me marijuana. I was almost convinced to take it because I am mentally unstable,” said the member of K-pop girl band Brown Eyed Girls, according to The Korea Times, adding that she is now taking medical morphine for her condition.

Miami City Attorney Compares Legalizing Medical Marijuana to ‘Having Sex With a Child’

Miami’s deputy city attorney, Barnaby Min, has been taking some heat after he compared the legalization of medical marijuana in the city to pedophilia.

The Miami Planning Zoning and Appeals Board gathered together on Wednesday night to come to an agreement on dealing with zoning regulations for allowing the sale of medical marijuana in retail outlets, HuffPost reported.

These Tech Companies Allow Their Employees to Get High at Work

Many companies across America wouldn’t hire an applicant who admitted to smoking marijuana, but in Colorado, where pot is legal, some tech startups have embraced their workers’ cannabis consumption.

One of those startups is Denver-based Flowhub, which was founded in 2015 by Kyle Sherman and Chase Wiseman to develop software for cannabis growers and dispensaries. According to CNN, the company currently has 18 employees that often bring marijuana-infused edibles and drinks to work — smoking isn’t allowed in the building.

How Weed Shops Can Make $1 Million a Month

Although I don’t smoke weed and have never been inside a weed shop, I’ve always been interested in the business of cannabis. So on 4/20, when a friend of a friend invited me to his medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, I jumped at the opportunity to, uh … research.

As long as you have the right licenses and operate as a nonprofit corporation, opening a medical marijuana dispensary is perfectly legal under California law. However, it’s still illegal under federal law, so the federal government could still try to shut you down. They may send threatening letters, scare your landlord into breaking your lease, have your utilities turned off or even have officials raid your store. This is why I can’t disclose the exact location of the dispensary I visited.