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Rich SF Homeowners Prepare For Legal Battle Against Asian Couple That Owns Their Street

Homeowners of San Francisco’s private gated residence Presidio Terrace are taking legal action to take their street back but the street’s new owners, Michael Cheng and Tina Lam, aren’t too worried about their attempts. The Presidio Terrace Homeowners Association has employed the help of renowned former staffs of the city attorney’s office to aid them in their legal efforts.

Former city attorney staff Scott Emblidge and Matt Dorsey along with former chief-of-staff Boe Hayward will all be working on shedding the light of the homeowners’ side of the story to the public. According to SanFranciscoChronicle, the homeowners have set their sights on the city tax collector’s office, who they believe has failed to adequately inform them about the tax auction.

Rich People Are Now Taking Desperate Measures to Prepare for the End of the World

The idea of the world’s end has long crossed the minds of countless prophets and scientists. Today, thanks to research and popular culture, we can better imagine how it might be while listing random pointers for survival in our heads.

But as far as the movies have shown, not everyone survives apocalyptic events. We can hope for the best for all earthlings, but from a more realistic, resource-oriented perspective, it’s easy to tell who’s got the upper hand.