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Jackie Chan Says Warcraft’s Success in China Will Make People Scared And Want to Learn Chinese

“Warcraft” is such an astounding blockbuster hit in China that legendary movie star Jackie Chan says it will terrify Americans and make people want to learn Chinese.

“Warcraft”, a film with a $160 million budget, made $24.3 million during its debut weekend in North America. The movie has been called a “domestic disaster” with poor reviews from critics. It is speculated that the film will make a total of $55 to $65 million in the U.S. where it is considered a flop.

Chinese Man Doesn’t Want to Watch ‘Warcraft’ Premiere Alone, Brings Sex Doll With Him Instead

There is absolutely nothing weird about taking a girl out to watch an action-packed adventure film like “Warcraft” on a date night, but it is weird when that girl is actually a sex doll.

One young Chinese man got attention from the movie-going crowd on Wednesday when he brought a realistic silicon sex doll to the “Warcraft” premiere in Fuzhou, China. Sitting on a pushchair, the blonde synthetic “girlfriend” seemed to not mind the attention.