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President Obama Hints He May Head to Silicon Valley for His Next Job

As President Obama’s eight years in office comes to an unfortunate end, the soon-to-be former-Commander-in-Chief is considering what his next job could be, and it could be one that will shake up Silicon Valley.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Obama expressed his interest in the tech industry of Silicon Valley, hinting that his next job may be as a venture capitalist.

Mark Cuban Explains Why Most of Today’s Startup Investors are Idiots

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, posted a warning of sorts on his weblog about why the current tech bubble is worse than the last dotcom bubble of 2000. In his piece, he compares investors from then and today, highlighting one critical factor for why when the bubble bursts — and it will burst — investors will be left worse off for having invested in the startup scene: liquidity.

The startup craze has been burning for a while now. Entrepreneurs are still springing up with any and all business ideas in the hopes of attracting a million-dollar investment from an investor who recently got rich from his Coinbase shares or venture capitalist. Investors are caught up in the fever too and have been criticized for jumping in bed with companies before they’ve demonstrated profitability in the hopes they will grow to be the next Uber or SnapChat. When the bubble bursts, entrepreneurs and their startups will immediately become dust in the wind along with the billions invested. That’s the most dangerous part about investing in startups according to Cuban.

This is What a Venture Capitalist Thinks About When You Pitch Your Company


As an entrepreneur, landing a deal with a venture capitalist is both exciting and incredibly difficult; in the simplest terms, you pitch your business plan and receive the almighty investment or you get an easy “no thank you.” But what if you could get inside an investor’s head and understand exactly what they are looking for? If you want that million dollar offer, this is a must read.