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‘Love is Blind’ cast member called out for allegedly faking tears in unedited interview

andrew liu
  • “Love Is Blind” cast member Andrew Liu faced backlash for seemingly faking his tears with eye drops during an interview after co-star Nancy Rodriguez rejected his proposal.
  • The unedited scene has since gone viral, with many social media users calling his use of eye drops “manipulative.”
  • In an interview with Newsweek, Rodriguez also commented on her co-star’s actions and said she was right to reject him.
  • Although Liu has not confirmed or denied that he was using fake tears, he reportedly shared memes and fan reactions to the moment on his Instagram story.
  • In an interview with Variety, “Love Is Blind” creator Chris Coelen shared his impression of the moment and discussed the importance of not editing out Liu’s purported fake tears.

“Love Is Blind” cast member Andrew Liu has drawn attention for seemingly faking his tears with eye drops on the show during an interview after a rejected proposal.

In the third episode of Season 3 of the dating reality television series, Liu sits for an interview after cast member Nancy Rodriguez rejects his proposal. After asking producers if the cameras are rolling, Liu takes out a bottle of eye drops from his pocket and uses them on his eyes.

BLACKPINK get accused of lip-syncing at 2022 MTV VMAs

  • BLACKPINK fans are refuting a Variety review that claims the K-pop girl group lip-synced their U.S. award show debut performance at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday.
  • The Variety review lists BLACKPINK’s performance of their new single “Pink Venom” under their “Worst” section with a subheading that reads, “Lip-Sync Snafus.” 
  • BLINKS pointed out various moments in their defense, such as Lisa fixing her mic, Jennie shouting “Let’s go!” and the sounds of mics crackling.
  • Regardless of the performance, BLACKPINK and fellow K-pop acts BTS, SEVENTEEN and Lisa made historic wins that night.
  • BLACKPINK’s upcoming album, “Born Pink,” drops on Sep. 16. Their  world tour will start in October. 

BLACKPINK fans, also known as BLINKS, are blasting a recent Variety review claiming that the YG Entertainment girl group lip-synced their performance of “Pink Venom” at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday.

Variety’s “The Best and Worst Moments of the 2022 MTV VMAs: From Taylor Swift’s Surprise to Johnny Depp’s Confusing Cameolists BLACKPINK’s performance under its “Worst” section with the subheading “Lip-Sync Snafus.” The passage reads:

Michelle Yeoh says hot dog finger scene was ‘most beautiful love story’ in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

  • In an interview with Variety, Michelle Yeoh shared her experiences with filming some of the most bizzare scenes in the wonderfully weird A24 film “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”
  • Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schienert (known collectively as the Daniels) managed to find ways to keep the action film veteran on her toes with raunchy setpieces.
  • “[The Daniels] are really going to fling around dildos in a fight. Going into it, I couldn’t imagine it, but I believed in them and I trusted them,” Yeoh told Variety.
  • However, the scene that left the actors with the most bruises was also the film’s most intimate — the hotdog fingers make-out session between alternate universe variants of Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis’ characters.
  • The scene was meant to provide a flourish of love and affection in what Yeoh describes as “the most beautiful love story in that universe.”

Michelle Yeoh has shared what it was like to film some of the most bizarre scenes in the wonderfully weird A24 film “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

Even with Yeoh’s extensive experience with action-packed films, from playing a Bond Girl to starring in many of the most iconic martial arts films, the directing duo behind “Everything Everywhere All at Once” managed to keep her on her toes on set. Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schienert (known collectively as the Daniels) would bring in unapologetically raunchy set pieces, she revealed in an interview with Variety.